22q General Study
for people ages 5-50 with 22q


You or your child is between the ages of 5-50
You or your child has a confirmed diagnosis of 22q11.2 deletion, via FISH test
You or your child has a confirmed diagnosis of 22q11 duplication
You or your child has not been diagnosed with a disorder of the brain or nervous system
(such as uncontrolled epilepsy, encephalitis, brain tumor, etc.)
You or your child does not use drugs or abuse alcohol
You or your child is able to complete the study measures and interviews in English.


Baseline participation may take between one to two days (~7 hours for all study procedures).

Participants will be given paper and pencil and computer tests of memory, attention and logic, and interviews about their mood, thoughts and behaviors by a trained staff member and an MRI scan at the UCLA Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.

The study also involves a review of medical records, to get information about birth and medical history, and an optional blood or saliva sample.

Some of the study procedures will be repeated at 2 follow-up timepoints. All procedures will be explained carefully and all participation is completely VOLUNTARY. You may withdraw from the study at any time. There is no financial obligation on the part of the participant.


Participants will be compensated up to $320 for full participation in all of the study visits.
If after the initial evaluation it is determined that you are not eligible for the study you will be compensated $20 for your time.

There are minimal risks involved with participating in this study.

Contact details:
(310) 825-3458